Shelley Briglio

Controller | Administrative Manager

Shelley oversees the day to day operations of the studio, and has since 2005. Her attention to detail and organization has allowed Donna to flourish and expand in the creative field. Her role and organization is very important when completing the design of our projects and display home installations.

Hilary Jorgensen

Interior Designer | DID

Hilary leads and coordinates multifamily, residential and furnishing jobs with The Collaborative Design Studio. She has over 10 years experience in the design and architectural field with specialization in multi families, commercial and hospitality.

Jordan McLeod

Interior Designer | Specification Writer

Jordan spent 3 years working with the Collaborative Design Studio in the staging division, and is now one of our core interior designers and specification writer. Jordan’s work ethic, customer service and management experience has gained her the reputation of being the “nuts and bolts” of our studio.

Julie Gaudet

Interior Designer | RID

Julie leads and coordinates multi-family projects with the Collaborative Design Studio. She enjoys focusing on the more technical aspects of design, and loves space planning the most. She prides herself on her excellent communication and organizational skills that help keep projects on track. She has a number of years of experience in commercial design, and a background in fine arts.

Luba Mochev

Interior Designer | DID

Luba brings a wide variety of skills to the Collaborative Design Studio. Along with her Interior Design education, she has experience in office administration, customer service and is also a Registered Nutritionist. Luba has a great eye for detail and enjoys helping clients make their vision into a reality.

Aditi Sehgal

Interior Designer | BID

Aditi has always had a passion for working in the design field. Her main focus at the Collaborative Design Studio is preparing construction documentation for multi-family projects. Aditi has strong technical skills and believes in the union of form and functionality when space planning.

Yvonne Hebein


Yvonne has been with the Studio since the beginning.
She is our behind-the-scenes Bean Counter and an intricate part of the Company.

Annie Collins

Administrative Assistant

Annie does a little bit of everything! From ordering and organizing, to building furniture and styling displays, Annie enjoys helping out wherever needed. She brings her love of design (both fashion and interiors) to the studio, and keeps everyone on track with her efficiency and attention to detail.

Alanna Miller

Interior Design Assistant

Alanna provides invaluable assistance to the team at the Collaborative Design Studio by helping out with installations, finishes boards and administration. She also keeps the office and warehouse organized and tidy.


Volunteer | Morale Booster

Although Artie only works part-time and cannot be relied upon for punctuality, he is a great morale booster and brings a lot of joy to the office. He does his best to follow instructions and he puts his all into every task.